Branch Of IGYNTRI-Bhartiya Gramodhyogic Yog Prakratik Chikitsa Prashikshan Anusandhan Sansthan Registered No -487 Established-1986

Pure Ganga Yoga: Your Ultimate Destination

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Frequently Asked Questions about Yoga Training

What is Yoga?

Answer : Yoga is the join, unity or oneness of the individual consciousness with the universal consciousness or Soul with supreme soul .Yoga is not only a form of practice but also a discipline about its body tilting in different odd currencies. This discipline is also against self and self of others. It is also associated of external with internal. For which the more physiological elements of mental discipline are. It is better to connect with mental peace and to someone's mind and body. After thousands of years of background, meditation and breathing techniques come together to influence the user's life in more ways than one

Is yoga good for health?

Answer : Yes, Yoga is the excellent for health. This is the art of living healthy and happy long life.

How is yoga better than others exercises for health?

Answer : Purification of the body is done through yoga (shatkram etc..) With the supply of maximum prana, blood becomes pure and the cells become empowered. Tension is eliminated by yoga, the obstruction of the body is dispelled, the muscles become flexible. Age is too long due to breathing and slowness. Thus, Yoga gives healthy and prolonged life while others exercises do not do it, but muscles become stiff and breathing short and fast.
So Yoga is the excellent for Physical, mental and social health. This is the art of living healthy, happy and long life.
yoga focuses on wellness of complete human body encompassing mind, body and soul. It not only brings about agility and fitness in the body but also channelizes their energy.

Do i need training proper before doing Yoga?

Answer : Before self practice of yoga you must train with a experienced teacher.

How can I get benefit of Yoga?

Answer : You should follow your teacher's directions and practice regularly in a quiet place and try to balance your life and avoid too much.

Is Yoga religious? Do I need to understand any religion to get better understanding of Yoa?

Answer : Yoga is not religious. Yoga is for all. Of course yoga was created by the greatest yogis of Hindus like a Hirnaygarbha, Brhama, Shiva, Patanjali, Krisana and Budhdha etc. for the welfare of the whole world. Any body can practice of yoga and can get benefits.

I want to be a professional Yoga teacher. How do I do that?

Answer : If you want to do become a professional yoga teacher we have 200, hours yoga teacher training courses certified by Yoga Alliance America and 300 hours certified by Yoga Alliance International (YAI)

How many branches of IGYNTRI. / Pure Ganga Yoga are running in India?

Answer : we have 4 branches :-

  • (1) Vashisht (Manali)H.P. India.
  • (2) Dharmkot(Dharamshala)H.P. (both open in April to October)
  • (3) Near Lakshman Jhula Rishikes.
  • (4) Goa, South India

What are the levels of teachers training in Yoga?

Answer : We provide 200, 300 & 500 hours of yoga certificate by Yoga Alliance America and international.

Do you provide any certification after successful training?

Answer : Yes, We're associated by Yoga Alliance America.

How many branches you have?

Answer : we have 3 branches at present : (1). Vashisht (Manali)H.P. India, (2). Jogiwada road Maklodgang, Dharamshala, H.P. India, April to October (3) Yoga Training Centre (we are cooperating) shakarakand Gali (kanshi vishvanath temple sub lane ) Tripura Bhrairavi,Varanasi.

What facilities Pure Ganga Yoga does provide to the students?

Answer : During the yoga training course we will provide to students yoga equipment like a Yoga mats, Neti pot , Rabar Neti, releted books and notes.
Accommodation ( living room and 3 times Ayurvedic or yogic food , 2 harbal tea in a day )
In last day of YTTC with local site seen a small picnic for fun with group (if near about 10 students).

How long has Pure Ganga Yoga been in existance?

Answer : Pure Ganga Yoga Centre is now in its 14th years (Since 2004) of teaching with many - many teacher training students having passed through our Centre

How can I reach to Pure Ganga Yoga in India?

Answer : You can come baya Chandigarh by Volvo luxury bus and from Delhi to Bhuntar you can come by flight, from Bhuntar to Manali you can find bus or taxi, from Manali to Vashisht 5 km by Taxi

What type of visa I need to join yoga Teacher Training Course?

Answer : Tourist Visa is sufficient for complete yoga teacher training course or practice with us. You can get a E-tourist visa following this link, turist visa up to 6 months possible.

Is the course taught in English or in any other languages?

Answer : In English

Will there be a written and practical exam in the end of the course?

Answer : Yes. Of course you have to pass written and practical exams. We will provide you details of what is expected .You will have lot of guidance and support throughout the course

Will you provide the material or ditels of the course?

Answer : Yes. All materials about the course will be provide for Yoga Teacher Training students, will be given a copy to use for the duration of the course.

I am a beginner, can I join the yoga teacher training course (YTTC )?

Answer : Pure Ganga Yoga welcomes all levels students to join the yoga teacher training course.

Will I have an opportunity to teach yoga Classes.

Answer : Yes, in the last week of your YTTC, you will teach your own way also yoga class to other students in the present of teacher. After complete your course if you want to teach yoga at our Centre than also we have opportunity for you.

What will be happened if I missed few classes of yoga TTC?

Answer : To qualify YTTC, trainees must attend the required number of hours (200/300) . If you missed few classes due to inevitable reasons, than you need minimum 80 % attendance and you can give your exams . We will do our best try to make up these hours in the week end

Any accommodation facilities available there on behalf of Pure Ganga Yoga?

Answer : Yes it is also possible or you can live nearby. There is a range of accommodations at Vashisht to suit your budget.

How do I register my place for the yoga teacher training course?

Answer : Please fill out your booking request at the Book Now section on our website.

What types of yoga will we learning during yoga TTC.?

Answer : Yes , but with some conditions . We have some opportunity for you.

Is it possible to stay and work as a teacher at Pure Ganga Yoga after the complete yoga TTC.?

Answer : Do you have any medical facilities?

Here medical facilitie is available nearby but on your cost .

Answer : What is your refundable policy?

Deposits mony is not refundable but if you have any unavoidable reason that you can not attend the course than we will be happy to transfer the deposit to another course or to next time . This will be subject to availability. for any valid reason you get 50 % of the money before the complete second week . If completed two weeks you can't claim to back any part of your mony. But timely you will be inform us.

Answer : When do I need to pay yoga course (TTC) fees ?

You will have to pay your 50% fee in advance 10 days before from the starting date of TTC. You have to pay your balance on the first day of your course.
In the unavoidable reason you can pay with in 6 days from the starting date of your course.

Answer : What payment method do you accept for yoga course?

We accept cash of any currency, Paypal and credit cards. If you will pay by Paypal or credit card you will incur 4% charge

Do you have any another centre to do yoga course in winter?

Answer :

  • (1) Manali in India Surrounded by the Himalayas. - April to September
  • (2) Goa - November to March

Do you have drop in classes?

Answer : Yes, we have 3 classes per day. Morning 8:30 to10:30 am and evening 4 to 6 pm. 6 to 7 Pranayama and meditation class.
We have 5 , 7, 10 days and two weeks pakeg.
please email us to know the schedule and prices.

Do I get the certificate after pass Yoga Teacher Training Course?

Answer : Yes, you will get 200 hours certificate valid on Yoga Alliance and for 300 hours from Yoga Alliance International ( YAI)

Are you registered as a Yoga Society?

Answer : Yes , our society IGYNTRI.- Indian Gramodhyogic Yoga, Naturopathy Training and Research Institute in Hindi Bhartiya Gramodhyogic Yog Prakratik Chikitsa Prashikshan & Anusandhan Sansthan registered under society registration act 1860 by the Government.

What's your society registration No. ?

Answer : Society regd. No. 487 / 87

When was it Established?

Answer : Established in1986 and Registered in 1987.

Why did not registered Pure Ganga Yoga?

Answer : Because Pure Ganga Yoga is the Branch Of IGYNTRI.

Is Pure Ganga Yoga Certified by Yoga Alliance?

Answer : Yes. Pure Yoga is certified by Yoga Alliance for 200 hours and for 300 hours by Yoga Alliance International.

Will I be qualified to teach yoga Classes after pass my TTC.?

Answer : Yes , students who pass the course- by attending all the classes and completing the home work- receive certificates on course completion and can start teaching. It is recommended that they apply for Yoga Alliance certification first to improve their chances of getting a better job.

Do you have yoga retreat program?

Answer : Yes , we have 1 week, 2 week and 1month yoga retreat program.