Branch Of IGYNTRI-Bhartiya Gramodhyogic Yog Prakratik Chikitsa Prashikshan Anusandhan Sansthan Registered No -487 Established-1986

Pure Ganga Yoga: Your Ultimate Destination



  • 1. Develop your skills to teach yoga classes
  • 2. Deepen your physical and spiritual practice through asanas, pranayama, meditation , Shatkarma and kriyas.
  • 3. Work alongside our Teaching Assistants to develop your anatomy and alignment knowledge.
  • 4. Prepare a parfact yoga teacher.

This course is ideal

if you would like to gain experience with the support of the Yoga shala are keen to develop as an Yoga Teacher in terms of aligning and adjusting a Mysore Style Astanga class are keen to lengthen your stay with us after any YTTC in order to gain immediate teaching experience would like to spend a month with us with the sole intention of deepening your practice

Note - "Your schedule will be drafted in collaboration with your assigned mentor. Depending on your focus for the course, your schedule could include the following"

Yoga Practice

You will join the 200 Hrs. YTTC group for morning practice to build on what you have already developed. Morning practice will be hatha yoga or Flow yoga.

Teaching Assistant in Anatomy / Alignment Classes -

This is the ideal opportunity for you to refresh and test your knowledge in this area. You will attend the class or if appropriate assist the Lead Teacher in this class in terms of helping students with the individual postures: alignment, modifications, anatomy and Sanskrit. This will help you build a trusting rapport with the students who you will then support in practice.

Teaching Practice

You will be scheduled to teach your own classes to a mixture of abilities. Having already prepared a Yoga Class for your 200 hours of YTTC, you will get practice in teaching it and also devising more sequences. Each week, your class will be observed and feedback will be given constructively on how to improve. You will also be able to share sequences and intentions with our teaching assistants in order to get further inspiration.


Each week you will have the opportunity for one to one sessions with your mentor who will give you feedback on your chosen calss. This will give you a chance to tailor your schedule to your needs, gain valuable feedback on your personal practice or your teaching practice. Depending on your hours you will be able to meet with your mentor on a one to one basis approximately twice in the last week of your course.

Why You Should Join Us?

  • The founder, director and chief yoga instructor of pure Ganga Yoga is the traditional Yoga teacher from the previous generations.
  • Our Technical Workshops for the Backbending and Hip Opening are really help to develop your flexibility .
  • Our teacher personally attained to each and every student during the class to correct the posture and to help the students.
  • The Pure Ganga Yoga is situated in safe environment . Many -many foreigners stay here for long time and many single female guests arriving in India, often for the first time, this is extremely important to us.
  • We try to provide you a friendly environment.
  • In the North side of Vashisht is a very holy and spiritual Jogani temple .
  • There is a big and very beautiful natural water fall is the point of attraction.
  • very nice views sraunded with Himalaya.
  • Himalaya is the real place to get success in your Yoga Sadhana.